The Riley Creek Cozy Mystery Series: Available now at all major retailers!

Martha Sloane had no intention of staying in the hard-to-reach village of Riley Creek, Tennessee—until she finds she is the new owner of the struggling Birds ‘n’ Beans shop. Now, in the first of a brand-new series, she learns that running a business can be murder…

Martha Sloane has relocated from Boston to out-of-the-way Riley Creek, Tennessee to take over her beloved aunt’s struggling coffee and birding shop.  Just as she’s about to launch a Birds ‘n’ Beans online store, a blizzard blows in, the power goes out, and a dead body shows up. With time running out, Martha has to think fast before anyone else gets blown away…

Dogwood trees are blooming, migrating birds are arriving, and spring has finally made it to the village of Riley Creek, Tennessee. Martha Sloane, owner of Birds ‘n’ Beans coffee and birding shop and recently-elected President of the Retailers’ Collective, is preparing to host the First Annual Nature Writers’ Retreat.  Feathers get ruffled when the keynote speaker goes belly up!  The murder is pinned on one of Martha’s BFFs, and Martha is pressed back into service to solve the case. Can she enlist Mother Nature’s help to track down the killer and spring her gal pal before it’s too late?


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