July 30, 2022: Musings by a Newbie Author

  1. If you can figure out how to design a platform that allows you to go wide AND publish to Amazon, without taking a huge piece of the profit from the author, you’ll have performed a miracle. I don’t suppose Amazon will ever allow this, but a gal can dream.
  2. To all you other platforms, please work together so that the author experience on your platforms is at least similar. For those who want to get their books out there into the world, some of you make it really hard, and some expect authors to have a tad more technical know-how and time to look on your FAQs than we actually have. Especially for those of who have day jobs. You are like a high maintenance girlfriend–amazing in your own way but SO much work!
  3. I know now that, to publish widely, I need to give myself time (pre-launch) to do the various “chores”: purchase ISBNs, update my author pages and website, upload the files to the various sites, keep my Excel sheet up to date. Each day I set myself two tasks to complete so that I feel I’m making progress.
  4. Enjoy the ride! Because this is not my sole income, I view this entire experience as a learning opportunity. The second book (which I’m working on) will be sooo much easier now that I have a view of the whole thing. I haven’t been “new” to something this large in a long time, so I practice patience with myself, and look at each blooper as the opportunity to gain knowledge I didn’t have before.
  5. Have I thanked the self-publishing community, and the Alliance of Independent Authors, enough? If not, thank you again. Your websites and FB pages have been invaluable, and you’ve been so welcoming to this new writer.

The sweaty author photo that will NOT go on any of my author pages

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